Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas tree

Last night, I set up a little four-foot Christmas tree in the living room. I've never put up one before, but something about having Socks around made me interested in getting one. I happened to pick up some really cheap glass Christmas ornaments at Old Navy last year in the Christmas aisle, so I had some stylish and colorful yuletide cheer to go with the lights already built into the tree.

Socks didn't seem to pay much attention to it - he sniffed it a bit, probably figuring out it was grown in a Walmart factory and not in somebody's front yard. He seemed more interested in how it would impact his viewing the outside world through my patio door than anything else.

But, after chilling out for the evening, basking in the glow coming from my little Christmas tree in the evening after it got dark, Socks hopped up on a table near the tree. He just stared at the tree, his eyes darting around the lights and ornaments, the bright points of light reflecting in his big eyes.

He didn't bother the tree - he just stared at it.

I'm sure he was thinking, "How can I climb up this thing when he's not here?"

I suppose I'll find out when I get home tonight...

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