Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm getting WET!

One of the fun, peculiar things about Socks is how he's so fascinated with water.

We're in this little ritual most every morning. I get in the shower and Socks hops up on the side of the tub or sits on the floor just outside the tub, peeking through the side of the shower curtain to watch me take a shower.

Then, after the water is shut off and I'm drying off, Socks watches the water go down the drain. Sometimes, he jumps in the tub and paws at the remaining drops as the water creatures fade into the distance. Once in a while, when I'm in the bathroom, I'll just turn on the water in the tub for a few seconds so Socks can sit on the side of the tub and watch the water creatures for a couple of minutes. (Yes, I'm indulgent.)

Well, this morning, Socks had a little impulse to try something a little different.

I got in the shower as usual, turning on the water faucet to get it flowing and warm it up. Socks, of course, hopped up on the side of the tub, looking in.

Just as it was getting warm, Socks suddenly decided to jump _into_ the tub.

It didn't quite register with Socks what he had done. He just stood there a couple of seconds, then realized he was getting wet and started backing away from the water as it gathered in the tub.

Then, it suddenly dawned on him: "I'm getting WET!"


Socks began jumping, crawling, doing anything he could to get away from the water. After a few seconds of flailing paws and wet kitty legs, Socks jumped out of the tub and ran across the bathroom, sitting down near the sink.

I thought I'd die laughing - he just sat there with a look on his face like a little child that's fallen down and bruised his knee after trying to get in the cookie jar.

I went ahead and took my shower and Socks didn't offer to go near the tub when I turned off the water like he usually does.

After I dried off, I went over and rubbed him and consoled him for a couple of minutes, assuring him that everything was okay. He still looked like a kid whose pride was hurt more than anything.

He was back to himself after a few minutes, following me around the apartment as I got ready for work. I was still chuckling to myself at this cat that suddenly figured out what it means to get wet.

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